Ten tips on buying 3-FPM for lab research

3-Fluorophenmetrazine (abbreviated as 3-FPM) belongs to the group of stimulants or psychoactive compounds that alter the workings of the human psyche. It may be regarded as a fluorinated analog of phenmetrazine. The effects are linked to the boosted release of norepinephrine and dopamine. The use of 3-FPm is associated with EC50 values of 43 nM for norepinephrine and 30 nM for dopamine. The release of the third neurotransmitter – serotonin – is moderate, with 2558 nM. 1. Check the legal status in your area Currently, the chemical may be purchased in the United States with the exception of Virginia. There, it has been illegal since 2016. Despite the expiry of the regulatory period (in May 2018), the local authorities are likely to permanently classify FMP-3 as illegal (it is already a Schedule I controlled substance). The chemical is also prohibited in Sweden and Switzerland. 2. Buy chemicals safely You can easily find research chemicals for sale on the web. When you purchase online, the sites you use may be laced with malware or set up by hackers to steal your money. There are several programs and measures that protect you from cybercriminals. 3. Install a VPN Without a VPN, a third party may remotely connect to your network (even to a home Wi-Fi router). Such attacks are known as Man-in-the-Middle. Cybercriminals may obtain your sensitive information. A virtual private network will encrypt the session and replace your IP address, thereby protecting you. Queries like “Buy research chemicals chinamay take you to sites used for luring in unsuspecting users, so do not be easily exposed. 4. Use cryptocurrency Cryptocurrencies are the best choice for buying research chemicals online. Despite the popularity and wide use of Bitcoin, it may not guarantee anonymity. Due to an issue like address reuse, tracking cookies, or blockchain analytics, a cybercriminal may obtain your personal details during your Bitcoin transaction. Any privacy-focused virtual currency is better. 5. Pay attention to your URLs If your seller does accept credit card payments, be sure to check if the payment page has encryption. If you see “https” instead of “http” in the URL, you are safe – that added “s” stands for “security”. Buy research chemicals online safely! 6. Download Tor Tor is still the safest browser to use for chemical purchases. Make sure you download the legit version from the official website of the project. 7. Purchase from reliable providers A chemical research provider should give comprehensive information regarding the properties of their substances, their uses, as well as any warnings. It is best to base your selection on recommendation from other buyers you know. 8. Beware of exit scams These are a situation when a seller or chemicals stop deliveries, while orders and payments are still being accepted. In cases like this, you have no chances for compensation. 9. Learn handling rules It is essential to know how to handle the chemical once you receive it and how its shelf life may be extended. 10. Buy research chemicals for research If you intend to buy 3-FPM for lab purposes, it is acceptable. However, note that human consumption is not recommended.

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Properties and use of NDH (n-isobutyl-hexedrone)

johny / November 22, 2018
N-isobutyl-hexedrone is a new substitute for popular research chemical Hexen. At the moment, it is going through trial stages. The two synthetic compounds exhibit similar effects on human subjects, but the newly created compound requires extra caution and supervision.

Definition of the compound

Structurally, the substance belongs to the substituted cathinone group. It is derived from different precursors in lab environments only. Although cathinones are found in natural plant khat, substituted derivatives must be synthesized artificially. It is important to purchase any such research chemicals from trustworthy providers that guarantee compound purity. The structure of all chemicals belonging to the group includes a beta-keto group on their side chain of the molecule. A phenethylamine backbone is attached to the alpha carbon and has an alkyl group (its length varies) linked to it, and a ketone group is inside the beta carbon position. Other substitutions also exist. Aside from Hexen and NDH, the category of substituted cathinones includes dozens of compounds, such as Ethcathinone, Methcathinone, 3-MMC, and Benzedrone.

Medical use

At the moment, there are no formal studies describing the application of NDH in medical settings. Similarly, no research has been conducted with regard to Hexen. The prevailing hypothesis based on the structure suggests that the chemical functions as NDRI. This means it inhibits the reuptake of noradrenaline and dopamine into the synaptic cleft. NDRIs block certain transporter proteins. This boosts the amount of both active norepinephrine and dopamine neurotransmitters in the human brain. For example, an NDRI called Wellbutrin is widely used in depression treatment in the USA. It is thus possible to assume that NDH could have beneficial effects in the treatment of such patients, and some of the effects are similar to those of Synthetic Cannabinoids.

Effects observed at moderate doses

The chemical causes users to experience a surge of powerful physical and emotional sensations, in addition to beneficial cognitive changes. Here are a few of them:
  • boosted motivation;
  • better immersion in pursued activities;
  • improved analytical skills;
  • stimulation of ideation;
  • elevated music appreciation;
  • increased self-esteem;
  • pleasant tingling in the body;
  • enhanced sense of touch;
  • boosted stamina;
  • elevated concentration;
  • decreased appetite;
  • others.
Some of the possible adverse effects are:
  • xerostomia (dry mouth due to decreased flow of saliva);
  • elevated heartbeat;
  • profuse sweating;
  • increased blood pressure (due to vasoconstriction);
  • contamination;
  • erection issues;
  • teeth grinding (which is similar to MDMA).


Due to the lack of confirmed research findings, it is vital to avoid unsupervised consumption. Like with other synthetic substances like Benzodiazepines, excessive intake is potentially detrimental. Distribution While steroids and hormones could be produced naturally, NDH is made artificially. It is a recently introduced type of substituted cathinones, which appeared in the middle of 2000s. Such research chemicals may be purchased online in the form of powder, but they must never be self-administered.


How to Find Reliable Suppliers of Such Research Chemicals As Lysergic Acid Amides

johny / September 17, 2018
Lysergic acid is an organic acid of a compound composition which contains the remnants of indole. It is included as the compound of alkaloids produced by the spur, which is also known as the black grain of corn, released from it by means of alkaline hydrolysis. The substance included in this group is lysergic acid diethylamide acknowledged as LSD. Spur out of which it is synthesized is a fungus which parasitizes on certain types of grains such as rye. Scientific research devoted to the alkaloids of spur roots back to the beginning of the twentieth century. The lab of Sandoz in Switzerland was working on isolation and clearing of the alkaloids of the spur. Albert Hofmann managed to synthesize a wide series of lysergic acid amides. Nowadays, it is well-known that LSD, along with the other research chemicals belonging to the group of lysergic acid amides, are psychoactive substances which dramatically change the perception, mood, and a number of cognitive processes of the human body. Thanks to this discovery, it has become possible to trace neuron connections in the brain.

Effects of Lysergic Acid Amides

  • Each person experiences a different reaction from the nervous system: arrhythmia, chicken bumps, sweating, muscle spasms, shivering, and a number of diverse symptoms.
  • Psychologically, people undergo through hallucinations and a variety of visual fantasies which are perceived as reality.
Undoubtedly, the application of diverse research chemicals which have got psychotropic effect has got its benefits and flaws. For the purpose of treatment and further studies in the field, the relevant specialists need to buy research chemicals. The question of buying from a reliable supplier is crucial.

Research Chemicals for Sale: Trustworthy Supplier is the First Step to Success

In every niche, the reliability of subcontractors makes the major part in every deal. Looking for research chemicals online, it is important to find out how and where they are kept. The logistics from a warehouse or lab are no less significant. One may buy research chemicals China has got on stock, just making sure that the relevant specialists will take care of their handling, storage, and transportation. Unfortunately, it is hard to set the list of features of reliable suppliers, especially if one buys research chemicals online. There is always the risk of getting low-quality substances. In such a case, the most reasonable piece of recommendation is making a thorough preliminary investigation. One may google the resources where research chemicals are offered for sales. Alternatively, it is feasible to ask colleagues in the field to recommend a supplier or a chain of suppliers. It is essential to know if a vendor carries out its activity legally. The field related to chemicals is tricky and requires particular attention when it comes to suppliers and subcontractors. In any case, it is strongly recommended not to make a big order as the first deal. One or two small orders to check trustworthiness will provide additional security.

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Phenethylamines Circulation at the European Market: Is It Legal or Not?

In this or another way, each person needs certain drugs throughout one’s life. Some of them are more or less harmless like vitamins and nutritional supplements, the other ones are required to overcome ache – painkillers. Besides, steroids and hormones are often used to maintain a certain level of health of a particular person, while the benefits of antibiotics cannot be overestimated. In terms of progress and innovations, chemistry is the field which is not standing aside. Thanks to numerous studies in pharmacology, it has become possible not only to overcome physical pain and sufferings but also to influence the mental and psychological state of people. Among the other research chemicals, phenethylamines belong to the group of monoamines and have got a stimulating and euphoric effect. Their influence can be compared to the effect of synthetic cannabinoids. Substituted phenethylamines comprise a wide range of compounds and mixtures which include stimulators, psychedelic substances, and tranquilizers.

Main Functions of Phenethylamines-Based Substances

  • Stimulation of diverse body functions;
  • Soporific medicines;
  • Appetite-reducing means;
  • Bronchial spasmolytics;
  • Antidemic means;
  • Antidepressants, and many others.
Undoubtedly, when it comes to helping a person to overcome certain physical pain, all the means are appropriate. No one would judge for prescribing a painkiller or a soporific pill based on benzodiazepines if a person faces problems with sleeping at night due to unbearable ache or nightmares. Although, when diverse precursors and synthesis-driven end-products on the basis of phenethylamines are used for the other purposes, like improving the activity of the brain to increase own productivity and creativity, it becomes the question of drugs control and other relevant authorities. Obviously, the control is required when there is the threat of abusing of a particular substance. Most phenethylamines belong to the substances of the schedule 1 meaning that there is a high risk of abuse of these substances. Still, there is a range of phenethylamines which belong to the group of research chemicals and are not prohibited by law as drugs.

Where Can One Find Phenethylamines?

Phenethylamines themselves are almost not ingested by the human body. It is dissolved by means of monoaminooxidase which is responsible for the metabolism of biogenic amines. It means that to feel the action of phenethylamines, they shall be released in another form which is not so quickly destructed by ferments. There are different beverages and pills containing phenethylamines, synthetic cannabinoids, and others which can be used for diverse purposes. The concentration and the form of the chemical release are beyond the application of anti-drug legislation. Thus, they are legal within the territory of Europe. Phenethylamines can be met in fat burners and pre-workout complex for the above-described stimulation effect they have got. In any case, when it comes to helping the human body by means of any medicine and research chemicals, each person should weigh all the pros and cons. Unfortunately, the risk of addiction is always present, thus, it is essential to estimate benefits and risks before taking any kind of medicine or additive.

Lab Research

Psychostimulants for lab research

As the name suggests, this group of research chemicals comprises compounds with the power to stimulate the human psyche. Such properties are exhibited by a substantial number of artificially made substances, such as synthetic cannabinoids. Since their emergence at the beginning of the 20th century, they have been introduced in therapeutic use in many countries as an effective prescription medicine for ADHD, obesity, and narcolepsy. These central nervous system stimulants modify the way it functions due to their psychoactive nature. Stimulants are opposite to depressants, which include such prescription medications as Benzodiazepines. The latter are also classified as sedative substances or ‘minor tranquilizers’. They slow down the processes in the human brain, while stimulants speed them up. The third type of substances with psychoactive properties is hallucinogens.


The substances have been shown to cause arousal, heightened alertness, and better motor activity in research subjects. Patients often report euphoria and acute wakefulness, enhanced ideation and concentration, along with suppressed appetite and boosted self-esteem. Short term physical effects include the following:
  1. blood pressure, blood sugar, breathing and heart rate increase;
  2. breathing passages open up;
  3. blood flow decreases;
  4. others.
The effects are linked to the workings of neurotransmitters. Under the influence of stimulants, concentrations of dopamine and norepinephrine rise. This is achieved through boosted release (the way methamphetamine works) or hindered reuptake (the way methylphenidate works). Some stimulants alter the levels of serotonin in the human brain, and they are usually classified as entactogens (or empathogens).


Psychostimulant drugs are a type of research chemicals useful for lab studies. They cause human physical and mental functions to improve, albeit temporarily. Psychomotor activity, which may be illustrated by playing football or brushing one’s teeth, receives a powerful boost. Such effects may be observed over a different period, depending on the subject and the dosage. Psychostimulants can be created in lab environments using different precursors, and they may be purchased online for scientific purposes. Like steroids and hormones, they may also occur naturally. Probably, the most common stimulant of this kind is caffeine.


Such different substances as nicotine, Ecstasy, methamphetamine, cocaine, and methylphenidate are all examples of stimulating compounds, and they fall into either of the following classes:
  1. sympathomimetics (both direct and indirect);
  2. non-sympathomimetics.
Direct sympathomimetics activate adrenoceptors in the subject’s sympathetic nervous system in a direct way. They also stimulate α, β, and D-receptors in different bodily tissues, such as eyes, hearts, and vascular smooth muscle. On the other hand, indirect agonists, such as cocaine and amphetamine, enhance the activity of endogenous catecholamines.

Medical application

In medical treatment and research, psychostimulant chemicals are often used against attention deficit and narcolepsy (random periods of deep sleep). Amphetamines help patients with narcolepsy, weight and attention issues. Cocaine is an effective anesthetic in cases of blood vessel constriction (vasoconstriction) and mucous membrane anesthesia. However, it is important to consider the high abuse potential of any stimulant compounds. Consequences of overdose may range from moderately unpleasant to lethal.