European Market

Phenethylamines Circulation at the European Market: Is It Legal or Not?

In this or another way, each person needs certain drugs throughout one’s life. Some of them are more or less harmless like vitamins and nutritional supplements, the other ones are required to overcome ache – painkillers. Besides, steroids and hormones are often used to maintain a certain level of health of a particular person, while the benefits of antibiotics cannot be overestimated. In terms of progress and innovations, chemistry is the field which is not standing aside. Thanks to numerous studies in pharmacology, it has become possible not only to overcome physical pain and sufferings but also to influence the mental and psychological state of people. Among the other research chemicals, phenethylamines belong to the group of monoamines and have got a stimulating and euphoric effect. Their influence can be compared to the effect of synthetic cannabinoids. Substituted phenethylamines comprise a wide range of compounds and mixtures which include stimulators, psychedelic substances, and tranquilizers.

Main Functions of Phenethylamines-Based Substances

  • Stimulation of diverse body functions;
  • Soporific medicines;
  • Appetite-reducing means;
  • Bronchial spasmolytics;
  • Antidemic means;
  • Antidepressants, and many others.
Undoubtedly, when it comes to helping a person to overcome certain physical pain, all the means are appropriate. No one would judge for prescribing a painkiller or a soporific pill based on benzodiazepines if a person faces problems with sleeping at night due to unbearable ache or nightmares. Although, when diverse precursors and synthesis-driven end-products on the basis of phenethylamines are used for the other purposes, like improving the activity of the brain to increase own productivity and creativity, it becomes the question of drugs control and other relevant authorities. Obviously, the control is required when there is the threat of abusing of a particular substance. Most phenethylamines belong to the substances of the schedule 1 meaning that there is a high risk of abuse of these substances. Still, there is a range of phenethylamines which belong to the group of research chemicals and are not prohibited by law as drugs.

Where Can One Find Phenethylamines?

Phenethylamines themselves are almost not ingested by the human body. It is dissolved by means of monoaminooxidase which is responsible for the metabolism of biogenic amines. It means that to feel the action of phenethylamines, they shall be released in another form which is not so quickly destructed by ferments. There are different beverages and pills containing phenethylamines, synthetic cannabinoids, and others which can be used for diverse purposes. The concentration and the form of the chemical release are beyond the application of anti-drug legislation. Thus, they are legal within the territory of Europe. Phenethylamines can be met in fat burners and pre-workout complex for the above-described stimulation effect they have got. In any case, when it comes to helping the human body by means of any medicine and research chemicals, each person should weigh all the pros and cons. Unfortunately, the risk of addiction is always present, thus, it is essential to estimate benefits and risks before taking any kind of medicine or additive.